cycling of themes

No matter the theme or style I’m working with, I always approach things in the context of seeing the world from another place.

A sense of being outside looking in, and testing ideas with a different set of values, has always been an important part of the process.

Maybe it’s from my interest in science fiction, alienation, and the vastness of the imagination, that I always want to interpret things in different ways.

Stylistic elements and themes of my work have gone through many phases and developments, including in no particular order:

  • layers
  • negative space
  • regular structures and patterns
  • irregular structures and patterns
  • minimalism
  • maximalism
  • chaos
  • hexagons
  • circles
  • maps
  • grids
  • squares
  • triangles
  • emptiness

These are themes I will often return to on an ad hoc basis.