fragments of previous endeavours

A series from creative frustrations

This series came about due to frustrations with the creative process, and a habit I have for hoarding stuff for future use.

I generally only have the vaguest of plans when it comes to making artwork. I think I know what I’m trying to make, or wanting to say, but this usually gets diverted by going with the flow and following my feelings at any given time.

This is partly due to the fact that I have a somewhat impulsive nature, too many ideas to explore, and new avenues of exploration appear at every step along the way.

In many respects I’m driven by the process of creating and the resulting work is secondary, but I do need feel that the end result is justified.

Much of my work ends up being completely different to what it started out as, either because of boredom, dissatisfaction, reaching dead ends in the process, or realising a better solution.

Anyway, I’d often completely rework pieces, leave them for periods as long as two or three years before reworking, or just throw them away.

From destruction comes creation

I’d been working and reworking a painting on panel, but was never happy with the results. I’d keep reworking then abandoning the piece, and it was going nowhere. I knew I could make it work but I just didn’t know how.

After a couple of years of on and off attempts, I’d had enough and decided to destroy the piece and throw it away. As I was breaking the panel into pieces I finally saw it, the shards, splinters, and fragments were interesting elements that just needed a backdrop!

Taking some hints from my tattoo compositions but keeping things minimal, everything eventually fell into place. Simple compositions of fragments, floating, contrasted against a sparse graphic background.

‘Fragments of Previous Endeavours’ had finally emerged!