tattoo selection from 2017

This is 2017.

It was around this time that I finally had the confidence to announce that I’d be leaving tattooing, at least for a while.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I loved tattooing, wanted to keep loving tattooing, but I was just too worn out and needed a break. However, I still had quite a lot of projects to complete before I could stop.

I made the announcement, but it would be another couple of years before I could down tools


In an attempt to alleviate my mental and physical fatigue, I began to simplify the designs. One of the difficulties of designing and tattooing on the fly is the mental demand. To simultaneously design and execute something that is permanent, with no preliminary design, while keeping the client happy, is extremely challenging.

Of course, there is no need to work this way, and I could make things easier for myself, but it’s how my mind works and how I formulate ideas. Without that challenge, my mind seems to switch off and I find it difficult to stay engaged. But working like this for so many years is too demanding. It’s a double edged sword.

Simplifying the designs definitely helped with the strain, along with satisfying my need to keep things moving from an aesthetic and creative standpoint.

As always, I’m really pleased with all the tattoos I produced in this period. It’s a shame I was too tired to get good photos of them.

Here’s a sample, thanks for looking.