something about nothing

Does everything have to mean something?

Artist statements often don’t make any sense and don’t actually say anything. Lots of words strung together that are either meaningless, or so obvious they don’t need writing in the first place.

Is it that artists are just making stuff for their own entertainment then adding some ambiguous story to it, after the fact, to give it some importance or relevance?

Of course, non-representational art is harder to interpret but I often wonder why we need to interpret it at all. It is possible to enjoy a rock for what it is, or to look at the sky and take pleasure from it. To enjoy the sky, we do not need to understand what it is or why it is.

Maybe without a backstory the work is nothing more than decoration, and some believe that decoration has no real substance.

I know it’s far more complicated than that. We can go deeper. We can easily fall into the abyss of discussion and analysis, psychology, philosophy, and so on. But after a while it all becomes circular and tiresome.

I suppose I’m trying to boil it down to the idea that we experience something and like it, or don’t, or something in between.

Nothing much to say

For example, ‘Something About Nothing’ is a series of wall mounted sculptures that has no particular theme beyond the materials used. The use of reclaimed wood, wax, and in some cases, plaster, is the only thing that really connects the group. That series was motivated by a desire to relax my mind and create pieces that were quiet and solitary.

It is evident that certain qualities come through in the work but I wasn’t aiming to make any particular statement. I make my own interpretations, and the audience might well take away something else.

‘Something About Nothing’ is a series that is not about anything.

Oh dear

It seems my ramblings have done exactly what I mentioned at the opening of this post. I’ll fix that by giving you a response that I think is more appropriate:

Why do you create stuff?

I create stuff because I like creating stuff.

What is the work about?


There must be more to it, surely?

Well that’s pretty obvious, but does anyone really know why they do the things they do, and does it really matter anyway?

I just want to create things I might enjoy looking at, and maybe other people might enjoy them too.

Well, that’s a bit disappointing. I was hoping for something a bit more ‘arty’.