Quick Update: Oct 2021

Hi All,

Just a quick update to let you all know I’m still here, and I’m still doing stuff.

I’ve been a little bit distracted since my last post way back in May. The ASD diagnosis was in many ways a pivotal moment. Since then, my mood has lightened, and I’m feeling more relaxed. But it has also helped me see where I need to make changes in my approach to work, and has helped me think about priorities and balance.


I’m still tattooing, and I’ve found a spot in a quiet private studio. I know I haven’t posted any tattoo images for a while, but I’m still forgetful when it comes to actually documenting the work. I do have a few bits and pieces that I’ll probably put up at some point soon.

I’m also working through some relatively large tattoo projects that aren’t really photo ready at the moment, but once they’re at a stage I’m happy with I will get some photos up.

Other Artwork

Although I’ve been pottering around with some ideas, this year has been more about the thinking side of things. Or maybe I’ve just been a bit too lazy.

My priority has really been to create a workable and sustainable schedule for the tattooing. Now that seems to be falling into place I’ll be able to direct some of my energies into some more sculptural work.

So, no new images just yet.

But I will be adding more stuff to the site very soon.