'Disrupting the Surface' is the ongoing art project of Nigel Palmer. That's me, and I prefer to be called Nige.

The work takes various forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, but I am best known for tattooing.

What's it all about?

Imagine the 'Surface' is our known reality, what we see, and what we feel. If we peel away that surface, what do we reveal?

How is everything connected?

Is there structure, or is it just chaos?

By 'Disrupting' that known reality I try to explore ideas of chaos, order, and meaning.

Imagine what connects the spaces between the spaces.

I mainly explore these ideas through the use of structure, line, texture, and layers.

Connections and Interactions

Although the end results might appear different, the tattooing and the other artworks share the same intentions. They are all parts on a spectrum.

Each piece explores the connections and interactions between all the involved parts, with each part being a response to the previous one.

I prefer most of my work to have no specific meaning or story. It exists for it's own sake, without need for justification.

Any story or meaning can be left for the viewer/recipient to discover.


It is interesting to begin with a guiding idea or theme but not adhere to it specifically, allowing the work to evolve.

Free from the restrictions of a preplanned design, each piece ultimately decides what it wants to be.

We are just along for the ride.....