'Disrupting the Surface' is an ongoing project that emerged through my tattoo work and expanded into other two and three dimensional forms.

Focusing on creating compositions of surface detail, texture, and structure, I utilise materials for their intrinsic surface qualities, whether that be to work with or against the nature of those materials.

I create the work to be seen as artefacts without meaning, objects in a world without people.



I have worked in various styles and media, often strongly influenced by my tattoo work. These include abstract and figurative illustration, graphic design, and printmaking.

However my real passion and current focus is for non-representational compositions in two and three dimensions.

Surface detail is of particular interest, as is exploring the boundaries of where a painting and sculpture become the same thing.



I have been tattooing professionally since 1998 although I had been dabbling with it since 1992, utilising tattoo techniques in my artwork and on myself.

My work developed into a graphic abstract style, most of which was designed freehand in an improvised and organic way. Rarely was any idea mapped out on paper first........Read More