“You’re a grumpy sod who makes art most people don’t understand or want, which is fine…”


I’m actually a bit of a dreamer. I’m inspired by many things and my work goes in many directions.

If anything, I’m trying to make sense of the world around me, a world I don’t fully understand, using a language I almost understand. That language comes in the form of images and objects informed by whatever mood or interest has my attention at the time.

It has been said many times that people don’t really understand my work, or can’t keep up with the ever changing themes, styles, and interests.

That’s fine, I often question it myself. What is this, where is this going?

Each project has a place, explores an idea, maybe answers a question. Every answer reveals another question. Embracing the meandering journey is what matters. Who knows what we’ll discover at the other end?

Over the past few decades I’ve been manipulating surfaces and creating objects.

I started out with sculptural metalwork, meandered a bit with illustration and printmaking, eventually spending much of my time doing ‘freehand’ tattooing in graphic and abstract styles.

Most of my ideas come from a fascination with surface detail and structure, combined with a love of sci-fi and architecture.

In more recent years I have made a return to producing artwork in other forms, namely painting and sculpture.

I’m hiding away somewhere just outside Brighton,

on the south coast of England.