'Disrupting the Surface'

An ongoing project that emerged through my tattoo work and expanded into other two and three dimensional forms.


I have always been interested in surface detail, texture, and structure, and that has informed much of my work.

This is most likely a throwback to childhood memories of playing around limestone cliffs and disused quarries, and a lifetime by the sea with its changing moods and rhythms.

The objects I make are merely vehicles with which to explore various textural and structural combinations.

I create the work to be seen as artefacts, but ones without any particular meaning.



My work has taken various directions over the years, always looking for an appropriate method for expressing a particular idea at any given time.

These include:

  • abstract and figurative illustration

  • graphic design

  • printmaking

  • photography

  • tattooing

I have never believed in locking oneself into a single form of creative output. For me, the exploration of ideas is the most important pursuit, whatever form that takes. The medium in which that pursuit takes place is secondary.


np mannequin concept2.jpg

tattoo work

Although I was initially training as an engineer I realised it was a bit too rigid for me and quickly moved my studies to art, with my main focus being sculptural metalwork.

However, a side interest took hold, that of tattooing, which at the time was merely a way to extend my sketchbooks by permanently drawing on myself. I soon discovered a certain level of freedom and flexibility that this art-form provided along with exploring ideas of impulse, identity, psychology, and permanence.

My work developed into a graphic abstract style, most of which was designed freehand in an improvised and organic way. Rarely was any idea mapped out on paper first.

I have been tattooing professionally since 1998 although I had been dabbling with it since 1992.

After a 20 year detour I have decided to put my tattoo machines away and focus on three dimensional work.

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