tattooing again

We’re finally allowed to return to tattooing in the UK after the covid-19 lockdown. There will be some alterations to … More

something about nothing

Artist statements. Lots of words strung together that are either meaningless, or so obvious they don’t need writing in the first place.

object no.7

This is the final piece of the series, if it really is a series. I was initially building a platform … More

object no.5

To house them. Those empty thoughts. series: Something About Nothing wood, aluminium, ms-polymer, card, bandage, plaster, wax H. 31cm W. 21cm … More

object no.3

An embrace, a withdrawal. Waiting, calmly. series: Something About Nothing wood, plaster, bandage, wax H. 26cm W. 22cm D. 8.5cm … More

object no.1

A niche, containing nothing. But itself, contained. series: Something About Nothing wood, plaster, wax H. 25.5cm W. 15cm D. 10.5cm … More


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