something about nothing

Does everything have to mean something?

Something about nothing sculpture series

We often feel the need to justify the existence of things by adding meaning and stories to them. Of course, everything we create is created for a reason, but those reasons can be as simple as function or desire.


Not trying to say anything

I’m not trying to communicate anything with these objects, apart from them just being objects.

Of course, there is motivation for creating the pieces, and with this series it’s the exploration of composition and contruction as a process.

It doesn’t matter why it is, only that it is

I want the objects to be isolated from having to tell a story. I want them to exist in their own right, to be alone in their own existence.

We don’t ask what a rock means, it’s a rock. Enjoy it for what it is, a rock. That is, until humans manipulate it. Then it must mean something.

‘Something About Nothing’ is a series that is not about anything.

artworkn palmer