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'Bird' maquette

Here’s a wireframe piece from 2014.

It is something I’ll probably return to at some point, either at a larger scale, as part of a series, or just as inspiration to incorporate elements into other types of work.

'Floating' series

‘Floating’ is a series of six small paintings focusing on basic three dimensional objects floating in a two dimensional graphic environment.

This series also has a very strong connection to themes occurring in some of my previous tattooing work.

I also wanted the pieces to have a sci-fi quality about them.

'From here to there'

With this series from 2016 i was wanting to keep things simple. I have a tendency to fuss over details so want to keep things quick and loose.

The pieces were inspired by a work trip I had recently taken. Work trips for me always feel like a blur of movement from one place to the next, then returning home.

The memories of the work soon pass, leaving behind the paths to and from the destination.


ux series

'UX' series from 2016.

These paintings form a six piece series of graphic abstract compositions inspired by graffiti styles, calligraphy, and science fiction. Each piece depicts a structure of unknown, unexplained, origin. The UX title is shorthand for Un-eXplained.

Acrylic and gesso on canvas. 20x20cm