nigel palmer
nigel palmer - disrupting the surface


Due to limited availability I will only be considering cyber/futuristic/neo-tribal and graphic-abstract blackwork tattoo projects for 2019 onward.

In my 20+ years of tattooing I have cycled through various themes and styles with the aim of keeping things interesting. Phases blend and merge or just peter out to be replaced by something else, depending on what I find creatively stimulating at the time.

In recent years my tattoo work has taken two paths, collaged and blended illustration, and abstract graphics, both containing 2d and 3d elements. It is now time for me to move into another phase, cycling back to revisit some earlier styles/ideas while blending them with more recent interests.

It is time for me to go back to flatter, less detailed, less complex work, involving more solid black and flatter shaded areas. As always, I intend the work to have a contemporary, or even slightly futuristic twist. I’ve included a some examples below as a starting point:

A selection of previous work to 2017.