Tattoo Appointments


UPDATE: I have had to bring my deadline forward and my tattoo books are now closed.


As of Friday 31st August 2018 my tattoo appointment book will be closed, until further notice. 

This is to enable me to complete current and ongoing tattoo projects, and allow time to prepare for my tattoo hiatus in 2019.

If you want new tattoo work, or pieces completing, please get in touch before Friday 31st August 2018, to discuss and book your project.

I have limited spaces available and a vague start date in mind for the hiatus which will begin when I have worked through all the booked projects.

I am allowing some flexibility in my early 2019 schedule for possible project overruns, and extensions to current projects, but I will not be able to accept any new requests once my diary has closed.

From Sept 1st 2018 booked projects will be seen through to completion prior to commencement of my hiatus.


As difficult as this is, If I do not close my books I'll just keep accepting work, then I'll never get to enjoy my hiatus :-)


Many thanks,